quarta-feira, agosto 04, 2004

Dominique de Villepin tinha razão sobre o Iraque

O discurso de Dominique de Villepin, Ministro dos Negócios Estrangeiros francês, perante a ONU na altura em que os EUA estavam na iminência de intervir no Iraque:

"Make no mistake about it: the choice is indeed between two visions of the world. To those who choose to use force and think they can resolve the world's complexity through swift and preventive action, we offer in contrast determined action over time. For today, to ensure our security, all the dimensions of the problem must be taken into account: both manifold crises and their many facets, including cultural and religious. Nothing lasting in international relations can be built therefore without dialogue and respect for the other, without exigency and abiding by principles, especially for the democracies that must set the example. To ignore this is to run the risk of misunderstanding, radicalization and spiraling violence. This is even more true in the Middle East, an area of fractures and ancient conflicts where stability must be a major objective for us."

Agora, um ano e meio depois, a situação é muito mais clara, Villepin tinha razão.
A negrito destaco a frase que considero mais certeira e que rima com a opinião de Richard Clarke sobre o erro da intervenção no Iraque que já aqui transcrevi nesta entrada, onde destaco também a negrito a frase onde Clarke confirma Villepin.

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