quinta-feira, maio 20, 2010

Mordomias da Alta Finança II

"Dixon [proprietário da Vernon Savings] liked the beach, so he had Vernon Savings buy spectacular, multimillion-dollar homes on the beach in Southern California, and then spend tens of thousands of dollars keeping the homes in fresh flowers. One does not live a full life by the beach alone, so Dixon also had Vernon buy a chalet, near former President Ford, at one of the nation's top ski resorts in Colorado. Naturally, one wishes to be able to join such amenities without plebeian concerns such as baggage screening or possibly having to sit next to a screaming child. Thus was born Vernon's air force. Once one has a fleet of private jets, one discovers that they have little to do most of the time. The answer is to provide them, often (illegally) without charge, to politicians."
"The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One", William K. Black, University of Texas Press, 2005, pag. 108

Os cortes nos vossos salários, nas vossas pensões e no vosso nível de vida vão servir para pagar isto.

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