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Havel sobre os delírios de Vaclav Klaus

No dia em que Vaclav Klaus assinou o Tratado de Lisboa e a República Checa abandonou o regime presidencial forçado em que viveu nas últimas semanas, vale a pena ler como ex-presidente Vaclav Havel descreve o actual presidente da República Checa:

"In the news Vacláv Klaus was offended on behalf of the whole country by the response of some members of the European Parliament to his comments on the European constitution than he was offended once again, this time because foreigners are mucking about in our Czech pigsty. (...) For those not in the know, some background: during the World War II a concentration camp for the Roma [ciganos] was built in the South Bohemia. (...) The Roma, rightly, see this place as a memorial site, and they find it intolerable that a mega pig farm is standing on the spot today. For years there has been a discussion in our country about the subject. (...) The European Parliament passed a resolution on the Roma and the solving of their problems that makes reference to the Czech pig farm and recommends that it be relocated.
And that is what offended Václav Klaus: such gross interference into our purely Czech affairs! We'll look after our own little Czech pigsty ourselves, and we're not remotely interested in any assistance from outsiders! And in any case - that Czech concentration camp wasn't really much of a concentration camp; it was only a place to put those who didn't want to work!
When one hears this, one is overcome with a secret longing that democratic, educated, and cultured Europe will meddle as much as possible in our Czech affairs. It is demonstrably in our own interests."
"To the Castle and Back", Vaclav Havel, pag. 133.

Convém relembrar que Vasco Pulido Valente classificou recentemente Klaus como um liberal. Percebe-se bem a concepção de liberal que há neste país...

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