quinta-feira, abril 14, 2011

A especulação é muito ideológica

Este editorial de Robert Fishman no New York Times faz uma análise muito certeira sobre o papel da especulação e da ideologia dos mercados na crise portuguesa. Serve também de aviso para as restantes democracias e começa assim:

"PORTUGAL’S plea for help with its debts from the International Monetary Fund and the European Union last week should be a warning to democracies everywhere.
The crisis that began with the bailouts of Greece and Ireland last year has taken an ugly turn. However, this third national request for a bailout is not really about debt. Portugal had strong economic performance in the 1990s and was managing its recovery from the global recession better than several other countries in Europe, but it has come under unfair and arbitrary pressure from bond traders, speculators and credit rating analysts who, for short-sighted or ideological reasons, have now managed to drive out one democratically elected administration and potentially tie the hands of the next one."
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