quinta-feira, abril 01, 2004

O anti-francesismo visto por Michael Moore

Of course, it was easy to go after France (...) there's the simple jealousy factor. Most Americans know the French are more sophisticated, more intelligent, more well-read than the average American. We don't like to admit that it was the French who invented the movies, the automobile, the stethoscope, Braille, photography, and most important of all, the Etch A Sketch. They've brought us the Enlightenment, and The Enlightenment paved the way for the widespread acceptance of all the ideas and principles that America was founded on. Then when we find out that the French have to work only 35 hours a week and everyone gets at least four weeks paid vacation, all we can do is make snide remarks about their unions and how they're always shutting their country down.

So France was the perfect country to pick on. And it was an entertaining distraction. If you're a cable news company , why spend priceless reporting time on investigating whether Iraq really does have weapons of mass destruction when you can do a story about how rotten the French are?

"Dude, Where's My Country", Michael Moore.

Este texto assenta que uma luva na verborreia dos nossos comentadores anti-franceses. No entanto, aviso os nossos amigos que olham para os EUA como os comunistas olhavam para a ex-URSS que em breve publicarei um texto sobre o anti-americanismo, nomeadamente aquele existente em...França! No panorama europeu, em França é o país onde mais se exagera. Fora da Europa a coisa é muito mais grave.

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